Profile of Dr. Tadashi Goino

GOINO Tadashi, b. 27 June 1950,Niigata, Japan. Artist, Writer.
Appointments: Painter, novelist, writer, photographer, musician, composer; Founder of WIPPII General Research Institute, active campaigner on environment,
1974-; Involved with organic farming and renewing forests;
Donated over ten thousand original Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) to schools, museums, libraries both nationally and abroad;
Established Goino Procedure (G.O.P.) using natural materials to treat cancer, in Ukraine, Russia, Malta and Latvia, and announced The Theoretical Medical Science of Cancer Control by the Goino Procedure in 1996. G.O.P. was put forward at an international medical conference in New York, 2001, where it attracted a great deal of attention and at an international medical Symposium related to heart disease and strokes in Florence, Italy, 2002. Since then G.O.P. has been announced at other symposiums such as Triglycerides Metabolic Disorders and cardiovascular Disease in New York, 13th International Symposium on Atherosclerosis in Kyoto, 2003, International Symposium on drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism in Venice, 2004, International Congress on Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome in Berlin, 2005. In recent years, he also developed a hair restorer by using natural materials;
Co-founder, co-president of 911, a non-profit rescue organization in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1995;
Exhibitions and lectures on Ukiyo-e art including The Ukiyo-e Prints That Van Gogh Loved and Tadashi Goino Exhibition, The Hermitage, Russia in 1995 where he announced his discovery by deciphering the Japanese characters painted in the background of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings; Organized Utagawaha Monjinkai, 1990 and opened The Museum of Utagawa-ha Ukiyo-e that Van Gogh Loved in Nagano, 2003 where he has exhibited his own riddle-solving paintings as well as complete collection of original ukiyo-e prints which were modeled after Van Gogh’s collection.
Publications include: (book) Hokke Sanbukyo Taikei (The Outline of Triple Sutras of Hokke); (novel) Shichijigen yorino Shisha (Messenger from the Seventh Dimension).
Honours: Numerous honorary doctorates, professorships, academicianships include Honorary Professor, European University (in medicine); Academician, Armenian National Academy of Sciences; Academician, Russian Academy of Art, Russian Federation; Academician, Russian Academy of Safe Defense Laws Various problems; Honorary Academician, Armenian Philosophical Academy; Honorary Academician, Armenian Engineering Academy; Academician, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Academician, International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society Armenian Branch; Professor, Social Hygiene and Organising of Health, (elected by the highest Judging Committee among academies in the Russian Federation); Honorary Academician, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy; Honorary Professor, Yaroslavl Medical Academy, Russian federation; Guest Professor, Moldova State Medical University.
Other honours include: The Malta Knight Order, 1997; St Stanislav Order, 1998; Pavel Tretyakov Medal (Art), 1998; Pavlov Medal (physiology), 1998; Jukov Medal (Culture), 1998; Popov Medal (Invention, Discovery), 1998; Kapitsa Medal (Physics), 1999; Peter Gold Medal Prize(Economics), 1999; Tretyakov Gold Medal in Culture and Art, 2000; Vernadsky Star Medal, 2000; Medal, Pushkin's 200 Year Anniversary, 2000; Region de Nure Order, 2003; Honorary Award from the Moscow City Duma, Order of Seraphim Sorovsky of the Third Merit from Patriarch Alexy II of the Russian Orthodox Church, 2004.
Memberships include: President, International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society (Japanese Branch); the Academy of Security, Defence and Legality of the Russian Federation.
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